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Otherwise, you can get an old film scanner and run it with an old computer dedicated to that use. Have you run a search of the site- IIRC there’s quite a lot of material on here and it might be better than waiting for a new answer? Front Page What’s New? Two good solutions exist for the problem of running a proper film scanner. Doesn’t have any cables other than an AC adapter. Thanks Kirk, Do you know if a scsi adapter to usb2.

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The one on the the right is the imacon. I’m bet it will work fine with Sierra.

epson V700 vs Imacon Flextight Precision II

An indication of the problem is that the frame holder feeds into the machine in a flxtight manner, making the film frame shift as it goes into the scanner so that a small portion of the scan is cut offor that the trailing edge of the frame shows loss of focus. The one still in production today is the Epson V which gives imacln good results for the price and is used in a lot of pro labs.

If you want to see some “real world” examples of colour film scanned by several different scanners I have a collection on Flickr that organizes a bunch of my photos by scanner. Owning both scanners, I thought I would made a comparisation.


Dave LuttmannJan 19, Thank you for all the good information – I appreciate the help. If you ask at the Flextight Scanner group on Yahoo! flextiight

I viewed those from RayKo, a SF rental lab that posted videos for their customers who wanted to rent time on their Imacons. Imacon Flextight Precision II — still worth buying today?

Some folks want to do a kind of post-processing when they scan. In fact, I just built an older tower for a friend for his 3d rendering needs.

One thing that could be an issue is that the Imacon can dig a fair bit deeper into chromes than the Epson. I’m sure there’s a person or two on Photo.

Dust was also a big problem. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

Imacon Flextight Precision II Photo, Slide & Film Scanner

It is far superior to my Epson V Is this scanner even up to current standards? Would be nice to not have to buy another computer.

Some people have never had this belt slippage problem with Imacon or Hasseblad scanners same drive mechanismbut my feeling is that anyone using these scanners in a humid environment is likely to have problems. Do I need a program? Thanks for your advice. But does it make sense to buy electronic equipment that was built in that’s 13 years ago!


All times are GMT Discussion in ‘ Digital Darkroom ‘ started by rondalJan 18, SCSI to firewire, and then firewire to Thunderbolt adapters. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Two good solutions exist for the problem of running a proper film scanner. Skip to main content.

Imacon Flextight Precision II Photo, Slide & Film Scanner | eBay

Sign in Already have an account? No idea about Imacon servicing in Spain, but Hasselblad stopped supporting Flextight scanners some time ago. You can now stuff a GTX one of the highest end gaming cards into a mac pro and it will work. Additional Product Features Media Type. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. But I always just set Levels to get full tonal range and did everything else in PS.

But, the flatbed scanners may not be up to the task.