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Directly below this button we have an identically sized one for playback, and, to its right, one for Fujifilm’s ‘F’ for ‘Foto’ mode. And, in the S, users are in theory getting an all-in-one photographic ‘solution’. I primarily shoot nature, wildlife and landscape photography. So what of the S’s images? While that’s it for the unfussy top plate, at the back we find the rest of the operational controls. Review Fuji Finepix S I bought this camera primarily because I have happily owned one of its predecessors – the S for years and loved it.

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For, size and pricing aside, this megapixel camera is as much about user friendliness as creative flexibility, suggesting the family market is Fujifilm’s target this time around.

The color quality is excellent. It takes a full 3 seconds to delete a picture from the camera, so I would suggest waiting until you upload them to your computer before going through them.

Fujifilm FinePix S Series S1500 10.0MP Digital Camera – Black

Successor to the SFD at the time the world’s smallest 12x zoom camerathe FinePix S is the latest in a long line of very compact SLR-styled big zoom cameras designed to appeal to those wanting a lot of lens on a tight budget. Announced Feb 17, Is there a loss of the middle? Add this product to your shortlist for comparison. Camera has a true continous shooting mode – saves all the pics in a sequence, not just the last 3.


I also want great quality pictures indoors especially. Exposure, white balance, and focus are all optimized for your scene, ensuring the highest quality photos possible.

FinePix S1500 (Discontinued Model)

Slide this to the right and the S powers up in just over a second — pretty quick for this class of camera — the rear LCD displaying a Fujifilm logo initially before blossoming into life. They’re also sufficiently clear that the manual — a full version here on CD only – doesn’t need to be digested before you’re up and shooting. Can the Oly Pro replace a bag of primes?

ISO and are recorded with a maximum of 3 megapixels. Brand index Fujifilm Fujifilm Compact Cameras. The Fujifilm FinePix S’s L-shaped top plate looks at once familiar and approachable, the largest control being a ridged mode wheel featuring 10 settings. I really believe this is a superior product of the extremely attractive price. I LOVE the constant shoot featue, never again will I miss the actual swing of the bat, the turn of a barrel or that s100 in a lifetime shot tuji the perfect trail pattern.

Press it again in any of the creative modes and the user not only gets a histogram but an adjustable exposure slider too.

At least that way a quality might be achieved you actually want to produce a print from. You could see the detail – eye lashes and whiskers on the shot of the tiger with great clarity.

Are you happy with what you have, or not? I have been playing with the macro shoot too, really fun! Of course this means that if you’re shooting with the camera on a tripod, you have to first remove the camera to remove the card, which is a bit of a pain but far from uncommon.


Reproduction in whole or finepkx in any form or medium without specific written permission is prohibited. All in all, though, this is great camera at a super great price.

It has amazing clarity and the image qualityI’ve always loved the Fuji sensors. There’s also the option of an electronic viewfinder for shot composition — more on which later.

The fact that the video plays back in QuickTime is a bonus. You have to manually open finepox flash to use it, which I thought would annoy me, but it doesn’t. The button to the right is for switching on image stabilization via the dual IS mode.

FinePix S (Discontinued Model) | Fujifilm Global

The S does offer more features than the S, but they are features I will never use. Trade In Your Gear for Cash. I have students each year and they aren’t always easy on the camerasthis is the only camera in this price range that can take the beating. Rated 5 out of 5 by Becky, horse mom from Vinepix it!

A7rIII – Severe banding and color blotching.