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So i think that if a router is able to see nearby wifi it should also be able to somehow connect with them. I had changed the default password and lost. That only help you in all kind of problems. If yes can you please provide detailed steps to follows.. In which if i select enabled scan i am able to see my mobile hotspot name and other wifi available around me on same channel Sir wo option he nahi aate wifi modem main wo tut. We believe in providing quality content to our readers.

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How to recover password of BSNL Nokia Siemens router modem?

Respond to Gopal Bihari. This model of Nokia router does not receive WiFi signals from mobile hotspot directly. What’s this router’s speed? Have you bought a new BSNL broadband siemenns I have nokia siemens If required, refer to the URL of this page in your new post.

There is any other way to reset my router modem without using password. Report Respond to Prats. Samadhan, You may try the steps provided in the link below. In one of the post you have you have mentioned the Firmware update of NSN modem,I have tried updating the same from motive.


I cant browse anything. I did all you said, and I can now connect my Lumia with the modem, but the problem is when I connect, after it gets connected it shows No Internet Access in my mobile. Report Respond to Eden Garden. Hi Sarat, To fix this issue try following steps 1.

If it doesn’t have Wireless tab, I believe you have a sidmens 1 modem without WiFi. A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

I guess this should help you out. Nice article on how to set up the Nokia-Siemens router. You will see your window like this and when you click on ADSL and then.

Bsnl nokia siemens wireless router [Solved]

Now you can change your password, by clicking on password and can change it: If yes can you please provide detailed steps to follows. But it was not helpful. Now click on Lan local area connection. Posted by Vikram Pratap at If you have a different model of Moddm Residential router, I suggest you tell me the model number.

After that you can follow the same steps. Add comment users have said thank you to us this month. Try to use bsnk web browser to connect modem setup page or delete the browser cache 2. Click on wireless and then on basic button as shown in the screenshot below: You will see a similar screen asking.


How to recover password of BSNL Nokia Siemens router modem?

I want to reset it and without password this is not possible. Sir, i have Nokia siemens router for bsnl broadband connection.

I had try the method you mentioned here. Sir i dont know much but it says ur nat type is moderate if it were open bnsl could connect to gamera around the world more easily.

I am able to access internet by ethernet cable but my wireless is not working. Report Respond to Gopal Bihari. We believe in providing quality content to our readers.