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Figure 2 shows a model of the core reporting structure. As you can see the resource descriptor and instrument address fields appear empty even though I chose the proper address and instrument. You have to run this anyways to configure the serial port. Service requests are one of the most common types of events. While this simple write-read model is sufficient for most instrument control use cases, you can quickly run into situations where you need more control over the timing of instrument operations.

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For the sake of efficiency, let’s say you’re prepared to show us something from each of the 8 sections; we will ask a subset of of the items. Figure 3 shows a block diagram of a simple read and write operation that incorporates the VISA Timeout property node to wait for data to be available. As you can see the resource descriptor and lqbview address fields appear empty even though I chose the proper address and instrument.

Agilent 33120A VXIplug&play Instrument Driver Read Me

Message 10 of Version with Tek also installed. You can perform the query explicitly using a command query or through a serial poll operation.

When defined, these condition and transition registers are associated with event and enable registers. Note that a queue is maintained for each VISA session and each event type.


Instrument Control (GPIB, Serial, VISA, IVI)

The standard event status enable register SESER defines which bits in the associated register are used generate a summary flag to agileng the “standard event” bit in the status byte register.

Each core register is described in more detail below.

Message 4 of How are the extra peaks gailent to the fundamental frequency? Each setup has the page Users Guide for your study.

Keysight Instrument Drivers | Keysight (formerly Agilent’s Electronic Measurement)

For Windows NT, change references to win95 to winnt. The response to the query is a decimal value that corresponds to the binary-weighted sum of all the bits in the register. Next time, create a new thread for a new question. Why do they call one of the waveforms Cardiac? You need to read the status byte to verify the nature of the service request.

Refer to the examples section for specific examples that use this labveiw. Send your 8KHz sinewave into an analog input on the green connector card. What about the alias of 42KHz? Message 5 of Here is a screenshot of the configuration per your request. Although thousands of instruments perform a variety of different measurement and stimulus operations, there is commonality in the types of instrument control operations you perform.


VISA defines a common mechanism for notification when certain events occur. The Service Request Enable Register can be both set and queried. The examples that include “program” in the name are designed to learn from the programmatic implementation.

Where will be the spectrum peak for a sinewave at a certain frequency above the Nyquist rate? In the spectrum, can you make an alias of the first harmonic add 331120a be equal to If your commands are not dependent on each other, no special command synchronization is necessary. Send the output of the waveform acquisition to a LP 2nd order Butterworth filter with a cutoff of 10Hz.

With query synchronization, you respond to the message available event. Message 2 of Are there any harmonics? On an oscilloscope, you might want to be notified when a trigger event occurs. Categories of Instrument Control Situations.